About Us

We are a committed group of business owners who collaborate to help each other’s  businesses grow. We are trained to create qualified referrals and opportunities which generate additional revenue for our member’s businesses.

Who are BNI Innovate?

BNI Innovate is a group of highly motivated and like-minded business people who actively support each other by developing genuine bonds of trust and business understanding and leveraging our network of contacts to help each member’s business grow week on week.

We seek to develop and nurture business networks, relationships and opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

We partner, we connect and we are driven by a culture that is founded on business and personal values, respect and accountability for all members and visitors.

We also develop long-term friendships and have a great deal of fun along the way!

Our Mission

A dynamic BNI Chapter that delivers significant business growth for members by enhancing business networks, relationships and opportunities.

Our Vision

To create an open, thriving and engaging culture that values trust, respect and accountability while proactively developing and growing business opportunities for members and visitors.

Leadership Positions at BNI Innovate

As with All BNI Chapter’s – BNI Innovate has numerous leadership positions that are held and routinely shared by its members. In essence, the leadership philosophy is simple:

Lead by Example.

The Leadership Team roles (and base responsibilities) are as follows:


Runs each meeting according to BNI Agenda & Policies. Is responsible for ensuring that all leadership roles are carried out professionally.

Vice President

The ‘VP’ assists the President in providing leadership, motivation and direction to the chapter. They also maintain and monitor attendance, referral, visitor and data records.


The Treasurer sends and announces ‘Dues Reports’ with new & renewal applications / forms of payment. Advises visitors of the “investment to join” during the chapter meeting and collects room fees from members.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee screen & interview prospective new members. They also evaluate the participation of members regarding attendance and support member productivity.

Growth Team

The Growth Team is responsible for facilitating chapter growth, both via increased referrals between chapter members, and by increasing the chapter size.

Visitor Hosts

Visitor Hosts welcome visitors and introduce them to other members. At each meeting completion they provide a formal visitor orientation.

Education Co-Ordinator

Select and present the weekly networking (education) topic.

Mentor Co-ordinator

Co-ordinates new members and members seeking assistance with chapter mentors and monitors progress. Trains other mentors as part of this process.